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Wes Veldink


"Wes Veldink and his dancers move with a fierce, sexy quality that wreaks of

passion, lust and rage. The refreshing honesty of their movement takes the

audience on an emotional journey through the valleys of their own desire." Sara Jarrett, editor-in-chief Dance Spirit Magazine.

Director and choreographer, Wes Veldink, began developing his unique and

dynamic style of dance over two decades ago. Based in the fundamentals of

jazz, ballet, and modern, his work transforms human posture and gesture into

movement that brings the intricacies of music to visual life and transcends the boundaries between commercial and concert dance.

After opening a dance studio at age fifteen in his hometown, Wes began his career in Los Angeles following his graduation from the prestigious Orange County High School of the Arts. While in L.A., Wes taught at the EDGE Performing Arts Center, co-choreographed Paula Abdul’s video Blowing Kisses in the Wind, was Michael Jackson’s dance double in two videos, improvised live onstage with singer/songwriter Ani Difranco, and danced in the Disney film Newsies.


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